From 1976, Martine Lambert has created many different flavours stemming from new experiences, chance encounters and her travels. At the heart of these creations, two simple ideas:

  • Giving pleasure
  • Opening new horizons for her customers by following the seasons… around the world.

In January, Passe Crassane pears and Ecuadorian mangoes
In February, organic blood oranges from Italy (candied peels are used in the “Martinique » flavour) and white Egyptian guavas
In March, Brazilian Maracudja passion fruits
In April, pomegranate and soursop
In May, local rhubarb, from Pennedepie and the first crop of Mara des bois strawberries
In June, raspberries from Périgord
In July, blackcurrants from Nuits Saint Georges and peaches from Provence
In August, Spanish lemonera pears, shortly followed by the Guyot variety
In September, blackberries faithfully picked by our friends, each year
In October and November, the Comice pears we use to don our Christmas iced logs
In December, at last, the long awaited Côte d’Azur lemons…

Dry fruits, coffee, vanilla beans and chocolate all come to the factory direct from the producers and complete the list of our precious staples.
To control the amount of sugar and fat we put in our ice cream, we make our own coffee extract , pralines and candied fruits.
Unpasteurised milk, cream and yoghurt all come from local farms and we separate our eggs from fresh ourselves.
Our ice creams are entirely natural and do not have stabilisers, colourings or other chemical agents.
Our ethos is to stay true to the taste and nutritional value of the products we use.