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We create most of our ice creams through the feedback we get from our customers. A whim becomes a best seller in a few years. We offer these creations in various sizes to allow you either a guilty pleasure or a sharing experience.


Two complementary flavours, caramel and praline-nuts  separated by a dark chocolate mousse. Crystallized Nuts and almonds are then blasted on the ice cream to form a crunchy outer layer.
The SUCCULENT comes with its own chocolate sauce to reheat and pour over your desert. Let the flavours and sensations combine in your plate and your palate…

On a bed of moist French meringue, our raspberry sorbet fires up its vibrant colour and powerful taste. Softening its edge, an Italian meringue is laid over a layer of whipped cream and completes the delicate balance of this deceptively simple dessert.


The legendary Menton lemon is the centrepiece of this sabayon ice cream paired with a raspberry or strawberry sorbet.
Using the entire lemon, from zest to juice, the result is at once strong in taste and surprisingly sweet, creamy and crunchy, thanks to the meringue core we added to this unique creation.

Only ever made to order, two flavours separated by a home made meringue.
We suggest:
Blackcurrant / Passion fruit
Peach / Lime
Pear / crème brûlée
Strawberry / gingered grapefruit
…but anything goes, so just let us know what takes your fancy and we’ll make it happen…


Reinventing the baked Alaska, we have laid one or two different flavours over our home made sponge cake and covered them with a lightly torched meringue. This can be either put in the oven (220°) for a couple of minutes or eaten as is.