Martine Lambert, artisan ice creams, the story…

It begins like an old fashion pretend play where Martine sells ice creams…
Her father, cider maker in Normandy teaches her the importance of all things simple and true and fruits become her universe from childhood.

Her career spans five decades from a business degree in 1971, at the age of twenty, to a meeting with LA SORBETIERE in 1974. She creates her own shop in Deauville and the welcome heat wave of 1976 sets her product at the forefront of artisan ice creams.
From that moment, with the production chain  in the bathroom of her rented house, Martine grows the company year on year.
1988 marks the building of the factory in the heart of Deauville, driving further growth.
In 2009, her son, Francois, joins the company and actively participates in the development of the venture, opening a shop in Paris and establishing a wide network of resellers.
It is hoped that a new and larger production unit will open in 2022.