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His majesty "The Raw Material"

Fruits of the world

From vanilla to peach, take a detour through coffee and spices; all is fruit! They all have their origins, their variety and are selected for their optimum quality. We chose our products after our exacting standards, our encounters with the men and women who nurture them to maturity and our own experiences.

Our sorbets are never pasteurised, which guarantees the preservation of all their vitamins and taste. Their very high fruit content (an average of 70%) gives them their unmistakable depth of colour and powerful savour so we never have to add flavouring or food colouring.

The milk or our Normandy Cows

Thank you rain for our green pastures! We design our creamy and well balanced ice creams thanks to a daily delivery of unpasteurised milk and cream, fresh from the farm.
We have refined our recipes through the years and produce our own ingredients (coffee extract, nougatine, caramel, hazelnut or almond pralins, candied orange or grapefruit peels and even bergamot…) More than a pleasure, it’s a revelation…