Our creations

ICE CREAM BROCHETTEbrochette des glaces Martine Lambert
You won’t have to give up a thing! : 2 of your chosen ice cream portions, pastries (éclairs, Paris Brest, opera), fresh fruits- bring to room temperature for 10 minutes before enjoying.

Our classics:

THE SUCCULENT (to share or to enjoy alone)succulent Martine Lambert
As per our customers: “A-mazing!” 3 layers of ice cream: hazelnut praline, chocolate mousse, caramel cooked in our copper cauldron, pebbled with almonds and hazelnuts roasted in our factory, accompanied by a coulis of equatorial chocolate. Bring to room temperature for 30 minutes before enjoying or 10 minutes for the individual portions.

BAKED ALASKA (to share or to enjoy alone)omelette norvegienne Martine Lambert
Sous la neige couve la glace.
Under the snow smoulders the ice cream… Usually a sorbet based dessert, laid over a home made sponge cake and all over wrapped in caramelised Italian meringue decorated with red berries and shavings of our darkest chocolate.

THE PYRAMIDEpyramide des boules Martine Lambert
Tantalising all your senses! A sorbet or ice cream base is the pedestal of 12 scoops shaped into a pyramid, pebbled with nougatine or chocolate.

THE MACAROONSmacarons-glaces-Martine Lambert
Less sugar, more fruits for these frozen gourmandises. Sold individually or as a platter.